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Boz the Bulldog: Fine Art’s New Poster Boy


Boz the Bulldog: Fine Art’s Poster Boy

Bullish on art, Boz strikes a pose for Rondi: pensive, yet playful

Vashon has a host of galleries and fine spaces to show art, and each first Friday of the month island artists and galleries host Gallery Cruise, an island-wide art opening to launch new shows and new artists. Last Friday, my friend Rondi Lightmark had a showing of her pooch-inspired photography at the Sound Food building. Boz held a prominent position on the front wall (and in the hearts of the insightful viewers).

Island art critics stewed over Boz’s enigmatic smile and natural pose, befuddled that such posture and presence could  be both effortless and powerful at the same time. Boz was unavailable for comment, said to be at home guarding the sofas, chairs and ottomans from would-be interlopers and making sure dog hair was present on all surfaces. Camera-shy Gracie shared his mission, but not the spotlight.

With the state liquor board putting the kibosh on free wine at public art showings, attendance was down this week. (Apparently there’s a law about that.) The mood was not surprisingly somber and sober, but all the  better to enjoy fine dog art with fine friends (as long a loophole is found by next month). 

photo credit: Rondi Lightmark

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  1. That Boz is SO Bogart! What a treasure! I popped over and saw more of Rondi’s photography: love her work!

    Just had to commiserate about the hollyhocks. Ironically, you got all yellows and whites but no pinks or reds, while I love a sprinkle of yellows in my pinks, but this year not a single one appeared. Nor, I might add, did my lovely light coral pink that somehow bridged the yellows and the pinks. I believe there are baby corals out there now, but I will not know until next summer. The garden is always full of surprises! My favorite hollyhock mix, BTW, is Happy Lights. You might see if you can find a packet and see what blooms next year…

  2. Great tip June — thanks! Yep I’m searching for seeds now to maybe get a head start for next year. I’ll try Happy Lights for sure, and a couple others and let you know how they do.

  3. Boz seems to be like a superstar in that pose. Capturing the best moment is a hard job but in this visual photo, everything seemed to fall into the right place. Truly loved this one!


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