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Boz Likes to Help With the Dishes


Bulldog licking dishesBoz: focused and dutiful in his quest to leave no crumb unaccounted for

What’s my formula for sparkling dishes?

  1. One vintage Whirlpool dishwasher
  2. One determined, tidbit-obsessed pooch
  3. An opened dishwasher door that can support 60 pounds of rockin’ bulldog
  4. Having a mindset that indulges such unrefined–albeit entertaining–behavior.
  5. Ensuring that invited dinner guests don’t read this blog post.


  1. Hey Tom,
    It is Matthew. We so enjoyed the Kiwi, orange rinds, and jam. New Moon tea a a new favorite too.

    When are you going to come over for dinner?

    Can you send me your email?


  2. My weimaraner earned her notority by nosing open the fridge door and stealing the sausages that were defrosting within. Dogs are now banned from the kitchen! Unless hubby and I have our backs turned of course *sighs*

  3. I can’t believe I somehow missed this blog entry. This made my day. I do have a question: Where was Gracie’s tongue prior to her jaunt through the dishwasher? Is she one of THOSE dogs?

  4. Gracie, despite her TomBoy appearance, feins a feminine aire about her, though that is quickly dispelled when thirst dictates a quick detour to her favorite drinking fountain: le toilet.


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