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It’s All About the Pie


peach pie rustic galette

One of my favorite summer pies: Peach Custard

I find there are two kinds of people in the world: pie lovers and cake eaters. Let’s see, pie: buttery, flaky crust wrapped around some molten fruit delight or cradling a creamy confection; or cake: sweet bread acting as a vehicle for icing. As you can see, for me, there’s no contest; pie reigns and bakes supreme.

As a child I recall how family and guests would ooh and aah over my grandmother’s homemade pies, top crust buckling under the weight of settled fruit. She would often kindly share credit with her devoted albeit outspoken grandson, divulging, “Well, you know Tommy doesn’t like ‘skimpy’ pies. The irony was in my grandmother’s kitchen and heart,  nothing was ever skimpy.


  1. just saw your website for 1st time…..aw….that peach custard pie……do you have a recipe???? I envy your life…..i am in new mexico..drying out like a prune

  2. Hi Carole, thanks for the visiting my blog. I do have the recipe and the time is ripe to share it. Will try to post it shortly, but my computer is down and I’m at the library, arm wrestling other patrons for more time on the computer here. Hope to have things working sooner than later. Ummm, pie!


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