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The BLT: Assembly (and a Little Driving) Required


BLT bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich 

While my list of favorite things about summer could stretch to Portland and back, I find the BLT (a.k.a. Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich) is rarely challenged in its top-ten ranking. Homegrown tomatoes or farmers’ market tomatoes know no match, but this year with our cool early summer, they are nowhere to be found outside of a hoop house or a produce aisle. My crop is no exception, emerald city green through and through. We took matters into our own hands and headed to Eastern Washington to load up on ripe toms and sweet peaches (peach pie also in the top ten). 

With the Cascades acting as a natural rain screen, Yakima, Washington enjoys 199 days of sunshine a year and abundant water from Cascade melt. It’s a combination that makes the valley a cornucopia of amazing fruits and vegetables. The orchards and farms of the valley redefine the word abundant. It’s a fun trip across Snoqualmie Pass and I made it back to Vashon, just in time for dinner, where yes, assembly and a little driving were required, but the results seemed worth it.  (Thanks to Beth driving, and owning a car that can make it over the pass!)

blt sandwich



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