Bonkers for Bluebells in Bloom{22}

Bluebells steal the spring scene

Spanish Hyacinths bluebells out my window

Every late April and early May my garden is flooded by a sea of bluebells. Strolling through the garden seems more like wading through a shallow blue pool. I typically go a bit bonkers over these blooms as they transform the landscape into a storybook setting of vivid color and wonder. The magic lasts about two to three weeks before warmer weather sends the bulbs’ activity back underground, and into forced dormancy and nutrient storage mode.

Video: A Stroll Through the Bluebells

I never tire of the view from back porch. A little wild, a wee bit weedy, but always interesting, the garden here provides a changing canvas with each season.

big leaf maple in a sea of bluebellsHope you enjoy the view and the video garden walk. 

More photos and information about the Spanish Bluebell, and a growing guide.