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Bird in the House, Beauty in Hand

Bird in the House, Beauty in Hand

Bird in the house resting on a chandelierA feathered friend finds an elegant perch. 

Bird on a Wire…

Yesterday, I came in to feed the dogs and ferret through the fridge for the last gulp of sweet tea. After refueling both beast and man, I heard the faintest of flutters, the light dusting of the walls and windows in the living room. Upon investigation, I discovered a wee winged one scouring the ceiling and repeatedly trying to break through the plaster’s cloudy hue to reach the great outdoors. (Perhaps my ceiling paint color “Coastal Sky” was too literally realized.)

I sat down and remained still, waiting for it to land on a sill or perch on one of the dusty knickknacks so well-represented in the room. As if tethered by light fishing line, the little warbler circled the old gas chandelier in the center of the room, failing to recognize freedom through any of three open doors mere feet away. Though I must say, my living room ceiling enjoyed a  more appealing blue color then did the sky that day.

I finally stood up and urged the bird the remain calm. (Did I mention I live alone.) After a short breather on the chandelier, it made its move toward a closed window. The impact, painful to watch, didn’t seem to cause injury to the bird, but did give me enough time to rushed over, gently cupped it with my hands, and save it from itself and the jaws of a curious bulldog. (Boz’s mantra: if it moves, it’s food.) I took three steps to the porch and opened my palms. The wee warbler darted off to the woods. Freedom was enjoyed by all. Boz and Gracie returned to snoozing on the lawn, and I to working under a more authentic color of coastal sky. Though on this day I may have to take an old proverb to task. While a bird in the hand is truly a magical thing,  a bird in the bush is even better.


  1. you reminded me of Salah, the Egyptian caretaker in the mountain who caught a small bird (the bird had an insect in its beak) and released it before it got eaten by a snake hiding in the bush; love that shot of the cute little thing, the colors of its wings are so Spring!. 🙂

  2. Isn’t the feeling of holding a tiny feathered being in your hands the most amazing, humbling thing? I’ve caught and freed a chickadee and another time, a pygmy nuthatch, and have been astounded by how light they were! They weigh nothing, and the realization of holding such a tiny life in one’s hands is heart-jerking and moving. So glad you got a shot of the wee yellow guy. Thanks!

  3. How sweet! This last fall a bird stunned itself when it hit one of the big glass doors at school. I picked it up and put it in my jacket pocket. Within a few moments it began to revive and spent the rest of the morning resting in a tank in my science teacher friend Steve’s classroom. When fully recovered his students took the tank outside and out the bird flew!

  4. Your Warbler was the tiniest of birds! Sweet… When I still had my old kitchen, I opened one of the cupboard doors near the ceiling and found an adult male Grackling sitting right behind the door. I slammed the door shut and thought, o.k., get a towel, open the door, throw the towel over the bird, capture the bird, release him outdoors. None of my plan went as planned. It ended up a frantic chase that went on forever, and I think you could say he won.

  5. Hi Tom! Just a quick shout from me so you know I’ve been browsing the blogosphere and found your blog – I think via a comment you made on bobwp.com. Anyway, I like what you’re doing here!


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