Soup’s On! Ham, Hominy and a Pumpkin on the Edge{12}

Pumpkin Hominy Soup – good for what ails you

pumpkin hominy soupI’m a leftover kind of guy; let me rephrase that, I like leftovers. Some days, my dinner plate resembles a puupuu platter of  the week’s greatest kitchen hits. And on the very tip-top of my leftover food group pyramid (in addition to pie) resides soup, the pot of homemade goodness that ladles up its best flavors the next day.

pumpkin hominy soup pumpkinsMy Australian butter squash was beginning to spoil down under.

This soup recipe was born out of my determination to use things on hand (and my aversion to leaving the house).  The pumpkin, an Australian butter squash, was beginning to blemish, soften and go the way of the compost heap. It would have been a real tragedy to let it spoil, so I cut out the soft spots and put it to good use in this soup. The ham bone hailed from the fridge and a spiral cut (and recently devoured) ham, while the hominy and creamed corn called to me from the pantry, “Dude, do you ever check expiration dates?” So I did, and invited those aging canned champs to join the mix. The result, an exceptionally delicious soup, nice on texture, rich in flavor, and easy as it gets to make. From one ham bone to another, here’s the recipe:

Australian butter squash for pumpkin soup

Recipe: Ham-Bone Pumpkin Hominy Soup


  • 1 ham bone/shank (too good to toss)
  • small pumpkin (or acorn/delicata squash)
  • 1 can of  whole hominy
  • 1 can of creamed corned


  1. Place ham bone in stock pot
  2. Add pan drippings (optional)
  3. Cover bone with water or chicken stock
  4. Simmer until meat falls off bone, usually a couple hours
  5. Add 1 can of rinsed whole hominy kernels
  6. Add 1 can of creamed corned, stir
  7. De-seed and remove pumpkin skin
  8. Cut pumpkin in to bite size cubes, add to soup
  9. Simmer for about 20 minutes, lidded
  10. Remove lid and simmer for another ten minutes

Soup is on at my house, and while I like my leftovers and love this soup, I’ll freeze the remainder of the soup after day three on the menu. I do have my limits.

pumpkin hominy soup with ham Slurp and sop it up , soup divine.