Recipe: Homemade Raspberry Sherbet Is a Sure Bet{27}

  fresh raspberry sherbet sorbet Creamy, Dreamy Raspberry Sherbet

In my world of skills you need to know, making homemade ice cream is right up there with CPR, changing a flat tire and treading water.  And since I love to grow and eat fruit, I extend that need-to-know requisite to the making of sherbets as well. I think it may be the best use of a berry this side of shortcake and whipped cream.

homemade raspberry sherbetThis recipe is adapted from my pal Sylvie (French by birth, Virginian by choice) from Laughing Duck Farm.  She used blueberries in her recipe, but trust me, any fresh berry will work beautifully.

Recipe: Raspberry Sherbet

  • 2 cups of raspberries (heaping)
  • 1.5 cups of sugar
  • 1 lime
  • 2 cups of buttermilk
  1. Puree the berries in a blender.
  2. Add sugar, lime juice, and buttermilk to pureed berries
  3. Blend mixture.
  4. Strain through a metal sieve to remove seeds
  5. Chill.
  6. Once chilled, pour into ice cream maker.
  7. Remove when frozen and creamy.

strained raspberry seeds from sherbet mixture

Raspberries are seedy little guys (leftovers seen above), so I do recommend straining the raspberry sherbet mixture before pouring it into the ice cream maker.

Amber Queen golden raspberriesMy next foray into sorbet will feature a golden raspberry called Amber Queen. Golden raspberries offer a subtle flavor and distinctive perfume.  And not to worry, should you have neither the time nor the interest to make sherbet, the berries are just as delicious on top of  ice cream as in it.  (I have personally tested this assertion over and over.)

fresh gold and red raspberries on ice cream

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