Indian Free Peach Delicious, Unique on All Levels{38}

sliced peaches Indian Free

Indian Free peach flesh color can change depending on growing conditions each year; sometimes the flesh is white and red, and other times as richly red as a raspberry.

Indian Free Peach: Now here’s a peach that pushes the envelope on being a peach. I first discovered it in my research to find another peach leaf curl resistant variety for my Pacific Northwest orchard. Because I don’t spray my orchard and use organic practices, I look for fruit trees that can stand up to our incessant spring rains and cool summer climate.

Indian Free Peaches

One year the peaches were almost solid red.

Reasons Why Indian Free Peach is one of my favorites!

  1. Thrives in cool clime of of coastal Pacific Northwest
  2. Scoffs at peach leaf curl. (Ha! take that  Taphrina deformans!)
  3. Sports a thick fuzzy Mahogany brown skin
  4. Enjoys freestone status and very firm flesh
  5. Tastes sweet then tart, with strong overtones of blackberry and black cherry
  6. Surprises first-time eaters with its rich red flesh and juice
  7. Keeps well (so far for two weeks in fridge)
  8. Harvests very late (beginning in early October), but still ripens nicely

Nursery Sources for Indian Free Peach

(Bare-root peach trees are usually available in the winter and spring)