Turning a New Leaf on Chard: Easy Greens to Grow

bright lights chard
Bright Lights Chard: A dependable grower that brightens up any table

Fresh-picked chard: planted in April, still going strong in October

I used to think that chard was better to look at than eat (even insects seem to avoid it) but I was just being lazy in the kitchen. A good green deserves a good recipe. And lucky for me, The New York Times recently featured some great new chard recipes that I’m working my way through. So far, so very good: Bitten Blog, A Refrigerator Staple: Cooked Greens, and Recipes for Health.

Now make something delicious…and eat your greens!


  1. Yep, truth be told, you couldadd olive oil, garlic, parmesan, chicken broth or … the likes to old socks and they’d make a nice side dish. 😉 Actually, I have been pleasantly surprised by the versatility of chard, besides I have way too much of it to ignore. cheers!


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