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Easy Peasy Crockpot Apple Butter

crock pot apple butter
Apple butter on the stove is a sure sign of full-throttle autumn activities around here. With boxes and bags of apples begging to be...

Peach Melba Pie Takes Center Stage

French chef and restaurateur Auguste Escoffier created the original Peach Melba dessert in honor of 1890s songbird Nellie Melba. (Melba toast is another story.) The simple,...

Make Delicious Orange Peel Caviar

orange peel caviar flavor enhancer
Orange peels and rinds are oft ignored flavor salvos just too good to toss or compost. These spongy fruit overcoats hold concentrated essential oils and chewy...

Preserving Lemons: A Sweet Way to Save a Sour Fruit

lots of lemons
Preserving lemons never looked or tasted so good. Last month my friend Myra gave me some Meyer Lemons from her mother's tree in California. I think...

Apple Sesame Whole Wheat Waffles

sesame crunch waffles and real maple syrup
Apple Sesame Whole Wheat Waffles light up any morning! Since I showed off my vintage Griswold waffle iron in the last post, I felt it...

Rainier Cherries Crown This Cake

In far-off Minnesota, my favorite blogging baker and bon vivant, Eileen of Passions to Pastry, posted a recipe that called to me: rustic rhubarb - almond cake....

Honey of a Dessert – Sweet, Salty and Simple

salted peanut honey sundae
I'm all about dessert. In fact, anyone who asks me to bring a salad to a potluck misses out on my better efforts. My love...

Quince Marmalade Is a Gem of a Jam

quince marmalade jam
Quince (Cydonia oblonga) are the unsung stars of my autumn larder, each resting like an artful still life awaiting a transformative trip to the kitchen. The beefy little orbs...

Peach Macaroon Crisp: Man Does Not Live by Pie Alone

Peach Macaroon Crisp begins with great peaches As a man who is partial to pie, I must admit my eyes have been wandering lately, gazing at the crisps,...

Peach Sauce Sublime: Peaches Simmered in Wine

peach sauce dessert
There's no denying I'm a man who likes to can, fruit especially. This time of year I'm directing a parade of pots and pans on...