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The Journey That Led Home

The Journey That Led Home
Vashon Island Home
Where I call home…
This winter, I am suffering from (dare I say) Blogger’s Block, where my eyes stare at the laptop, my fingers go through typing exercises, and my brain rereads what appears on the screen, and then, my pinky goes rogue and hits the delete key boldly and unapologetically. And so it goes…
I don’t expect this mental wall to stand much longer; spring and warmer days are just around the corner. So in the mean time, I’d like to share a lovely story that I stumbled upon of how a woman returned to her mother’s home and farm, and decided to stay; and in the end created a whole new life for herself.
Simply click on the link below for photos and text.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Tom. I hope that thoughts of spring and the gardening ahead will inspire future posts. I’ve been going through something similar, although I wouldn’t call it blogger’s block. It’s more a lack of desire. I’m blaming it on winter…

    • Eileen, it only takes two to start a support group. 🙂 We could call ourselves Winter Bluesians. Okay, let me rethink that. So nice to hear from you.

  2. Tom–I’ve noticed SO many bloggers have “disappeared” without a trace. So glad to see you’re
    still “out there” and planning to come back.
    Until Spring—or the end of “block”, take care

    • Thank you Sue, appreciate the words of encouragement. I’m thinking I may new a little refresh on the blog, and perhaps do a little redesign this spring. Hmmm, or I could grab a book and sit by the fire. 🙂 (Bad Tom, bad Tom.)

  3. I’m suffering from the same affliction Tom only mine started in September. Please tell me yours is temporary! I’m afraid in my case it may be temporarily permanent.

    • Thanks June, hopefully it’s temporary. I do have quite a few things to write about, I just need to get my behinder in gear and dust off the camera and the laptop. Here’s to warm days ahead and lots of Dungeness crab this summer.

  4. Thank You for sharing the story of Connie in Mo. May we all find our House of Belonging. Love your Blog and hope the Winter Blues pass soon . Spring is around the corner for sure.

  5. Thanks for sharing Tom…such a heartwarming story! Love the land and the B&B, the geese and the dogs…what is not to love? Spring is around the corner so take heart Tom….soon we will all be enjoying more sunshine!

  6. Thanks for posting this. I love the story it became. I had grandmother and mother with Alzeimer’s. This woman added so much to end of her mother’s life and ended up enriching her own life. No greater gift than to care for a loved one. The farm is charming.

    I was in Seattle this summer for several months last year and visited Vashon. I just missed the garden tour that included your farm. I was disappointed to say the least. Your blossoms and pastries pictured are jewels to the eye. Thanks for letting us in on your bliss!

  7. Tom, I’m sorry about your writer’s block- when I get it, it can make me feel very,um, ungrounded. Especially if I stress about it…I’d encourage all your readers to do what I just did which is to randomly search through all your amazing entries. What a blast! Not surprising you need some down time- all that great writing takes energy. Time to recharge.

  8. OK Tom. Time to shake off those winter cobwebs and get back in the saddle and don’t let the cat get your tongue any longer. And any other cliches you can think of. I miss you! I miss your blog! I miss your humor and your insights! Come back to us, please!!!!


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