Growing Fruit

Orcas Pear: My One and Only

Orcas Pear
Orcas Pear: blush in a basket I just picked my first (and only) Orcas pear from the three-year-old tree in my orchard. (Just wait until...

How to Prune Raspberries: Instructions, Photos, and a Video

Fallgold raspberry: a sachet of sweet and delectable perfume. Behold, the raspberry, the gold standard by which I judge other berries whether planted in my...

Pruning Fuzzy Kiwi: Taming a Wild Beast

Little does Boz realize that as he stands (make that sits) watch... ...a fuzzy kiwi vine kidnaps the napper.  (Later, Boz drags me out in...

How Do I Like Them Apples? (Favorites, Pomologically Speaking)

pair of honeycrisp apples
Great Apple Trees to Grow in Western Washington (Seattle). While my pear and peach trees have forsaken me, my apple trees continue to bloom...

Avalon Pride: Sweet Peach With a Nice Nose

peach with a nose
Peach fuzz and big noses: comparative profile analysis. Peach harvest was a bust this year; of seven varieties of leaf curl resistant peach trees only...

Stone Fruit Weights: Rock Your Orchard’s World

How to Get More Fruit From Your Home Orchard Trees Talk about firm fruit! Actually these are homemade branch weights I add to encourage fruiting. Sometimes...

Every Time a Peach Is Bruised a Farmer Cries

bruised peach
A quick press can leave a lasting and unpalatable impression Peach Perfect It's no secret I love peaches--their rich flavor, succulent juice and heady perfume. I'm...

Pruning Raspberries: Gardening’s ‘Who’s on First?’

Winter pruning efforts can yield a summer of raspberry rewards. But before you start licking your chops prematurely, let me offer a little tutorial...

Favorite Apples: Give Me “Liberty” or Give Me Pests

delicious liberty apples
I picked my first Liberty apples this year, and I have to say that I'm impressed. Liberty is a great choice for the home...

Planting Apple Trees: Varieties Matter

Apple trees are a lot like people; plant them in the wrong place and they just aren't happy. What's great for one apple tree...