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Sprouting Broccoli: It’s a Keeper

Sprouting Broccoli: It’s a Keeper

delicious and easy to grow sprouting broccoli

There’s broccoli and there’s sprouting broccoli, a cousin to the bulked-out broc we tend to knock. After some British friends of mine sang its praises, I planted it for the first time last summer. Surprisingly, it overwintered and I harvested it this spring. Two words: tender and delicious. The stalks are pencil thin with little broccoli mop tops crowning the beautiful and prolific brassica. Because of its branching habit, the more you harvest, the more new shoots are encouraged to replenish the plant. (And thus, the secret to its name: sprouting broccoli.

To cook, I simply blanch the sprouting broccoli quickly and drain the water, dob a bit of butter, pinch some salt, take a couple turns at the pepper mill, and enjoy thoroughly.  Grow some this year in your garden or pick it up at your local farmers market. You’ll never look back at big-guy broccoli again.

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  1. Broccoli, indeed, but a kinder gentler sweeter more tender kind of broccoli. Linda, I know one day you will embrace your veggies with a little more verve. I can see my work has just begun. 😉

  2. I can’t wait to get some seeds and overwinter them! I love just about anything green, the more bitter the better but these might be good for the kids. Thanks for teaching me something new, as usual!

  3. I have been looking all over the web for this broccoli but can’t find it. Do you have the actual name? I tried Sprouting Broccoli with no luck.


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