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Green Bean Ninjas: Attack of the Famished Bulldogs

Green Bean Ninjas: Attack of the Famished Bulldogs

My English bulldogs, Boz and Gracie play leading roles in my daily life. Whether begging, farting, drooling, eating, pining, playing or napping, their antics are always nearby if not underfoot. So when none of the aforementioned distractions were within earshot or viewpoint, I began to worry. I called. I whistled (well, attempted to whistle). I trudged upstairs, steamed downstairs. I feverishly cased the joint and the grounds for my favorite furballs. Just as I began to furrow my brow in worry and send out a search party, I could see movement in the front field, a swaying of the pole bean trellis. The tall maple whips gently quivered, shaking the attached pole bean pods like delicate pinatas. When I headed down there for a closer inspection, this is what I saw.

Boz inspects my beans
Boz: Green Bean Quality Control Inspector


  1. Do they weed? Teach them to eat Lamb’s Quarters, and dandilions! Very cute. I enjoyed the whistling, clapping ukele music too.

  2. Wow , this really put a smile on my face! I never imagined that dogs would like eating raw green beans! Too funny! And by the way, those beans do look beautiful so I guess it’s no wonder the pooches went for them!

  3. I call my cat (Tabitha) and corgi dog (Bella) the Snarfing Mafia. They have their protection racket finely tuned,eating beans, asparagus,brocolli,corn,zuchinni straight from the plant and any fruit windfall. I have learnt to NEVER place my raspberry/blueberry bucket down during harvest in case they decide to take their percentage (100) whilst my back is turned. Love the new format, very bells and whistles.

  4. Way kewl……..I don’t know if my small terriers have delicate guts or what, but more than a couple of green beans and we could be cooken with gas!

    I was advised to fill a spray bottle with 50% vodka, 50% water to take away the aroma….. works better that “fabrize” and without the chemicals…….but honestly, there are days when I wonder, if it should go into the air or into me when the fart-fest fills the room.

  5. My little pitbull likes to eat the wax beans I grow alongside my tomato plants… ohhhh the gas from her. I have been tempted to fence them from her.
    Although I would get mad if she went through my pole bean patch… so many beans…
    We take enough of her punishment when sitting on the couch enjoying some R&R! Peee-yewwww…


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