Home Boz & Gracie And This Is Why It’s Called a Captain’s Chair


  1. … the folds – THE FOLDS. Boz ~♥~
    I have an Ikea chair that my pit likes to sit in. She get’s scared initally when it tips backwards when she jumps on it, but once up, she’s peach.

  2. Personally, I see him more as a “recliner” type. That chair does NOT look comfortable. …but I’m assuming it’s in a direct line of view to you or food, so that’s that!

  3. Tom – that is too hilarious! You got to just love that “mug”! Boz’s behavior reminds me of one of my cats….always looking for a high perch…and the cat dish bowl.

  4. Even before I opened your e-mail I guessed that one of your dogs would be involved! Boz doesn’t look overly comfortable but yes, he can see out the window! Or at the dinner table!

    Tess, our 90 lb. black lab, barely fits in our Ikea armchair but it’s her second favorite place to relax (first one being “her” futon!).


  5. Dogs are such great entertainment! Especially Boz. 🙂 Our collie Sonny takes on some poses that I think look terribly uncomfortable (head hanging on the base of an end table while the rest of his body is on his dog bed for example), but he seems to enjoy them. Our pets are such amusing joys.



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