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Father’s Day: He Trusted His Son With the T-Bones


Steak dinner with fresh green beans and corn on the cob  

Fresh-from-the-garden shares a plate with grilled-perfection. (Well, actually Dad would have called  for more searing time.)

Happy Father’s Day, Dad, This Steak’s for You!

Here’s to the Dad who relinquished his grill to a second grader, to the man who trusted the family’s ribeyes to a boy. As barbequer and mentor, he kept it simple: a shot of salt, a dash of pepper, then throw the slabs of meat on the hibachi, a very hot hibachi. (For the uninitiated, it’s a grill as big as a bread box, not a Mini-Cooper) “Remember, coals aren’t ready until covered in white ash,” he’d say, handing me a long-handled spatula and disappearing right after my final instruction, “Call me when they’re ready.”

In his book, the key to a good steak was searing the outside. As for the inside, you knew it was ready when the juice just reached the surface. (And cutting a steak to determine doneness was for amateurs.) So here’s to the Dad who never relegated his kids to hot dogs, unless he (and my mother) found it on their plates as well. From the art of grilling to mastering the marinade, to finessing the flank steak and surmounting the smoker, I’ve come a long way on the barbeque path. The only thing different is I like my steak rare, a state of being handily shared by this grill master’s father.

BBQ smoker with ribs inside

For ribs, a few briquets to start, then it’s cherry wood all the way


  1. Sweet post! It’s obvious that your Dad & Mom did a great job with you. Gorgeous plate (platter) by the way. Family heirloom or a great find?

  2. Indeed Brion, and it works handily when making Wiener Schnitzel. In these tough times (as with tough meat) one needs to utilize tough measures, plus it works on firewood as well.


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