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Planting Apple Trees: Varieties Matter

Planting Apple Trees: Varieties Matter

Cherry Cox Pippin Apple atop a Bramley's Seedling Apple

Apple trees are a lot like people; plant them in the wrong place and they just aren’t happy. What’s great for one apple tree may be intolerable for another. That’s why one of the most important things you should do before planting any fruit tree is to research the best varieties for your region.

Bramley apples and cox pippinsA Tale of Two Apples: Bramley’s Seedling & Cherry Cox Pippin

The photo above is glaring example of how two apple trees planted side by side can perform so differently in the same climate. While both are originally from England, in my orchard they are world’s apart. Bramley’s Seedling is a robust grower and producer of large, tart blemish-free apples. Cherry Cox Pippin on the other hand is the orchard weakling, prone to disease, and fussy about weather, water and sun. I don’t spray my apple trees, so disease resistance and vigor are important attributes when I choose a new variety for my orchard.

The next time you want to plant a fruit tree, choose wisely grasshopper. Look to the experts in your area, like extension programs, garden forums and nurseries. As gardeners, we’re a chatty lot and always looking to toss in our two cents about what works and what doesn’t in the garden, orchard, meadow or pond. And look to universities, where research and studies highlight best practices and how-tos. The more you know the farther you grow.

Here are some resources  you may find helpful in finding the best apple for your backyard:

Boz and the table of applesBoz, part-time telekinetic practitioner, believes it’s only a matter of time before those Jonagolds hit the floor.

A Tale of Two Apples: Bramley’s Seedling & Cherry Cox Pippin


  1. BOZ is sooo cute…My golden retriever ‘Lucky’ is an apple connoisseur as well.
    That look in Boz’s eye is unmistakable. 🙂
    “Come hither my delicious friend”.

  2. Pam, my favorite baking apples when picked fresh are York, Bramley’s Seedling, and Jonagolds. When I buy apples at the market for pie, I mix Golden Delicious (Julia Child’s favorite) and Granny Smith, makes a nice combo of sweet and tart.

  3. Oh… sweet Boz! Unfortunately, we have no apple trees on our property, but we do have 2 crab apple trees and Pipi has been out there eating the fruit with their stems that have fallen to the ground. Not a good thing for a small dog! (How’s the guest cottage coming along 😉

  4. Boz is not only handsome he is smart too. Nothing is better than a firm, tart, crisp apple. (Tall Clover Raspberries are the exception). Here in South Florida that perfect apple is little harder to find. Enjoy the delicious varieties.

  5. Hi Tom, Thanks for your input regarding your favorite “bakers.” I have just made a “Jonagold galette.” Critique to follow after tonight’s dinner!


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