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The Fountain Gurgles Again!

The Fountain Gurgles Again!

My garden fountain gurgling away as it should.

garden fountain up and running again

The sun is out (May I hear an Amen!). My coffepot is yielding no more of its pricey brew. Boz and Gracie are resting on the sofa after an early morning of intense begging and need for post-Easter ham scraps. The day and to-do list are before me. While I strive to accomplish several (make that many, many) things, gratification comes in the simple action of being able to mark off just one task as complete. Yesterday it was the garden fountain–an all day affair. But after a winter of silence, brought on by a defunct pump and my aversion to yearly maintenance, the fountain lives! Yes, we have gurgle.  One task down, 572 to go.

boz gracie in the garden fountain

Garden fountain or world’s fanciest water dish for dogs?

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  1. Oh your garden looks so beautiful – the daffy’s & GREEN grass. See what the rain brings? Here in the desert it’s brown, brown and brown. Had a dust devil land in the back yard yesterday & I’m still looking for the pillows it took away when it left. Don’t suppose you’d trade, would you?

  2. Tom ,the fountain is set off by the beautiful
    flowers surrounding it. What a beutiful sight.
    Oh, did I mention that Boz and Gracie look as
    if they are enjoying the fountain .


  3. Love your fountain. I don’t suppose you have a favorite fountain shop in Seattle? I’ve been looking around at Swanson’s but haven’t seen anything just yet that jumped out at me.

  4. Hi Annette, it may take a couple days, but I’d be happy to show you how I made mine through a blog entry. It’s so easy, the cover of my fountain will be blown. I hope to post it this weekend.

  5. We are thinking about removing an overgrown rhody that was planted within a foot of our house/windows probably 20 years ago, and I’m trying to think of what to put in it’s place. Love this fountain, is it loud enough to hear from other parts in the yard, or is it really quiet?

  6. Hi Sydney, I love this fountain for its bubbling gurgle, and lapping overflow that makes for a subtle yet very audible water concert at least on the north and west sides of the house. I’d keep your fountain at least five away from the house as it’s not good to have that much moisture near the structure. You need a big enough pump to move the water so as to make a pleasant sound and discourage mosquitoes. Your question has made me want to do a post on how I built this fountain. It’s easy really. Look for it in the next week or so.

  7. I hadn’t even thought of the moisture implications!!! We’re over across the water from you in Tacoma, so there’s already moisture anyways, don’t need too much more! I would love on of these in the yard, and am a little worried about the gaping hole the rhody will leave behind, and thought a basic version of this (without the water at the base) might work, but you are right, it will need some power to get it making noise, and the splashing would be problematic… I can’t wait to see the post!!


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