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Easter Wears a Slicker…and a Smile


wet face of Easter

The face of Easter may be wet, but she’s undettered (psst, look to the left).

When the Easter bunny comes to the Pacific Northwest, he better bring along his gortex, galoshes and plastic eggs.

Easter egg hunt galoshes

There’s a joke that when a newcomer to Seattle asks a neighbor kid, “Hey Jimmy, does it ever stop raining here?” He replies, “Gosh Mister, how would I know; I’m just six years old.”

primrose path

But then again, April showers do bring May flowers. Not sure what May, June and July showers bring. Oh wait , I do; glorious berries. The good news is we broke a rain record yesterday and still had a glorious day and spirited easter egg hunt, though toward the end it began to resemble pint-size mud wrestling.

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  1. Tom –

    Thanks for sharing the day with us – despite the inclement weather, you are always a ray of sunshine!


  2. Tom-
    Great work with the blogging. I’ve been mentally away for a long, long (LONG) time but am recently joining the ranks of those who actually get on a computer occasionally. Still two plus weeks until I return to work. I’ll email you then.
    LOVE the what I was blogging about last year thing. You’re so clever!


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