Home Nature Madrona Tree: A Sculpture Grows

Madrona Tree: A Sculpture Grows

Madrona Tree: A Sculpture Grows

Madrona Tree: A Work of Art

Madrona tree at dusk

The Madrona tree seems more living sculpture than growing tree.  Gnarled limbs and twisted trunk frame the sky like arms in pose.  Old bark, cinnamon in color, flakes and sheds its skin with each storm; new bark timid in its tender coat of pink, peers skyward only to be caught by a glint of the sun’s last call.


  1. […] Sometimes beauty surprises me, other times it’s a familiar friend on my daily path. For the madrona trees that have stood witness to the lives and loves of this house over the last century, it’s both. As I’ve said before, they are truly living sculptures.   […]


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