Farm Photos: The Week in Review{38}

spring garden scene flowers bluebellsOutside my window, bluebells lap at the trunk of a bigleaf maple.

A few warms days on the island, and Mother Nature takes notice. The orchard trees are set to bloom, the days get longer (just like my chore list) and the memories of a chilly wet winter fade with each flower’s bloom and every flop in the hammock. I have a few farm photos to share, as well as what’s been going photo of kiwi vine trellis bulldog finials

I found the perfect finials for my work-in-progress kiwi trellis–such a noble and worthy breed to ward off pests and guard the fruit!

watercolor painting cabin in the woods

Art in and of the garden: My dear friend Phoebe came by to visit and share a gift from her hand and heart–a lovely watercolor of my cabin in the cottonwoods.

setting up a new beehive with new queenAfter a year without bees, I enlisted the help of my friend David, the bee whisperer, to mentor me in the fine art of beekeeping. Here the queen is about to be released to the hive, while her attendants set up housekeeping.

kale and purple sprouting broccoli freshI picked the last of my various kales and sprouting broccoli (from last year’s plantings). This basket load is destined to top the best pizza on Vashon: Biondo Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

wood garden gate bluebellsGarden gate: With age comes a fine patina and natural presence (which goes for people, too).

Poeticus Daffodil Pheasants eyeNarcissus Poeticus, aka the Poet’s Daffodil or Pheasant’s Eye, unfurls in a showstopping finale as one of spring’s most vibrant, fragrant and beautiful performers.

a pulled tooth and broken glassesGarnering sympathy: Here I am doing my best pouty face, thanks to a root canal that devolved into a pulled molar, and a myopic month of ill-fitting, broken glasses. Ibuprofen has been my friend. (More pouting: did I mention my replacement frames and lenses were lost in the mail.) garden vessel as fountainNot-so-golden silence: Algae got the best of my fountain pump, clogging it completely.  I may have to replace the old pump with a larger one better suited to provide greater water circulation and aeration, and less perfect environment for green slime.

This week I also added a second layer to the hoophouse, pruned and weeded the orchard, grape arbors and berry patch, made a few orange cakes, did a couple dishes, failed to vacuum any rooms, weight tested the hammock, and relished our first streak of warm sunny weather.  In all, a productive week, one that officially kicks off my summer of GSD, Getting Stuff Done. (The the G-rated version of a favorite line from my friend Karen.)

barn torn tarp on the roofWhat’s next? After nine years and six tarp layers, my 120-year-old barn needs a new roof (among other things).