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I get a lot of questions from readers about where to buy fruit trees and berries, so I’ll be adding a series of link pages to the top menu bar, under uh, “Links.” (I’m such a clever fellow.) Fruit Nurseries is the first one to be added as it’s the perfect time of year to order bare-root fruit trees. Dormancy allows for lower shipping costs (no soil to ship) and a greater choice of fruit tree varieties. Check out the links below and if you have some you’d like to recommend, leave a comment and I’ll add the nursery to the list.  Happy Growing!

fruit-loving-bulldogBoz: The Happy (and Always Hungry) Omnivore

Fruit | Nurseries

Garden Help
  • Garden Watch Dog | Great gardener feedback, a site providing customer reviews of recent purchases from online nurseries and other garden retailers.
  • Plant Scout | An amazingly helpful link because it allows you to search for a plant by its common or botanical name and share what other gardeners have to say about it. Even better, the search returns nursery sources for the plant, and reviews of the nursery.
 Nurseries | Fruit Trees and Cane Fruit

* denotes nurseries where I have purchased plant stock (and also been a happy customer).

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