Homemade Pickles: A Cucumber of Worthy Intent{15}

Homemade Pickles cucumbers

homemade pickles cukes, a great choice for homegrown pickling cucumbersA good pickle is worth its weight in apricot jam (another favorite of mine), but it takes a great cucumber to make a good pickle. After years of trying every pickling cucumber seed known to home gardeners, I finally discovered a cuke worthy of its name and purpose. Say hello to the Homemade Pickles cucumber. Yep that’s its name, Homemade Pickles.

Homemade pickles, a cucumber varietyCucumbers can be a fussy lot, needing the right everything to produce a good crop of high quality and uniform fruit. Homemade Pickle fits the bill and then some, topping my list for firmness, flavor, vigor, productivity and general awesomeness. Whether grown for bread-and-butter, sweet slices, kosher dills or relish, Homemade Pickles is at home in the garden, the canning jar, lunch box or sidled up to a mile-high Reuben.

Update 9/27/2012: Check here for information on growing non-bitter cucumbers:

homemade pickles: crisp, crunchy, flavorful pickling cucumber

Video: Up Close and Personal With My Favorite Cucumber

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