Summer Harvest Begs an Extension{10}


tomato harvest
Heirloom tomatoes: Amish Paste, White Beauty, Old German, Pineapple, Hillbilly, Lemon Boy and Sugar Lump. If I left these on the vines, October rains would sauce them for me.

Some days show up like a great performance; the key players tune up to bring you a perfect mix of light, breeze and balm. Sunday was one such day, a magical confluence of seasons where the best of summer and the best of autumn shared the stage. With rain in the forecast (for the next nine months) and a working man’s breakfast under my belt, the day was mine. The garden grew before me , laden with the fruits of summer calling for me to “Better get pickin’!”

green beans fortex

Cherry tomatoes share the box with fortex green beans, a delicious and productive haricot vert.

Boz inspects my beans

Boz inspects my work and shares a few picking tips before moving on in his inexhaustible quest for the perfect snack food.


You call those potatoes; you sure they aren’t big peanuts?  –Gracie weighs in on the spuds.

The corn is having no part of this harvest; says check back in a week or two.

What I was blogging about a year ago:  Saying Goodbye to Summer, Slowly