Vashon Snow Globe: Mother Nature Shakes It Up{24}

Vashon Snow Day!

Royal Grevillea on a Vashon Snow Day Royal Grevillea’s silvery sage leaves bending under the weight of winter white.

Snow usually visits the maritime Northwest briefly and more in spirit than in force. This week witnessed the exception as Vashon enjoyed a hearty dolloping of the white stuff, casting a spell on the island and islanders alike.

Grevillea’s hot colors flower beneath a cool disguise.

Vashon Snow Day - madrona fenceA dressed-up madrona branch fence separates the orchard and front field.

Vashon Snow Day - peach house, white snowThe dreamsicle that is my house; I see Boz left the backdoor open.

Pampered paws prefer a cozy couch to an icy walk.

farmhouse on Vashon Island in the snowThere’s no place like home, especially on a snowy winter day.

Vashon Snow Day on the Vashon ferry dock, north endThe Olympics and a low-tide beach hold court between storms.

February sunset on a Vashon Snow Day

A wee bit brisk this vantage point, but warming upon later review. (Sun setting behind Vashon Island and the Olympic Mountains.)