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Being Followed by More Than a Moon Shadow

Being Followed by More Than a Moon Shadow

Pacific Northwest moonI’m not sure if it’s the snoring bulldogs (who share a combined decibel level of an idling chainsaw) or the sump pump activation two floors below or the play of light casting shadows on my bedroom wall or even the several cups of high-octane coffee the day before, but insomnia has become my late night date this winter. I often toss and turn for hours, then finally acquiesce and get out of bed.

farmhouse, big trees, dark skiesAs I let gravity and sloping floors usher me downstairs at an ungodly hour, my first stop is the thermostat, my second the kitchen table, morning headquarters of Tom’s one-man coffee klatsch.  The tabletop is a mosaic of clutter, which includes, but is not limited to, a week’s worth of mail, an orchid on suicide watch, and a brooding stack of overdue library books. I complete the chaotic puzzle by fitting  my laptop in the only parcel of vacant real estate left. The space heater kicks on and the ceiling shakes; Boz and Gracie are officially up and off my bed, their eight-legged runaway train trundling down the stairs in search of an open door or full dog dish. Beneath my feet and those of the table, a tangle of cords speaks to the shortcomings of my outlet-challenged nook. I plug my laptop in and thank the circuit for obliging.

night sky in the forestNow up and enjoying minty fresh breath, I log on. Hands poised to type, glasses on, and coffee brewing, my vision blurs and my head hinges slowly downward. Regaining my upright posture, I try again. Uh, oh, neck muscles are not cooperating and my chin requires chest support. (This is not looking good.)  I begin to feel sleepy, very very sleepy. My eyelids are growing heavy.  As I’ve learned drooling on one’s laptop can void the warranty, I take my lead from Boz and Gracie and head over to the sofa.  A quick nap is in order. About the time a dream takes me to Bora Bora, a set of bruise-proof  knuckles collides repeatedly with my front door.

Startled, I jump up and head toward the disturbance (fright wig and baggy eyes intact). I open the door. My visitor looks puzzled and declares, “I can’t believe you are still in bed!”


  1. Beautiful post, as always. At least I can elbow my husband and tell him to stop snoring, I don’t think much can be done about the bulldogs.

    I’m unlurking to offer some unsolicited advice, as I was dealing with the same issue and not able to sleep until late in the morning as well. Melatonin baby. I love it.

  2. Hahahahaha…good to know I’m not the only one who suffers from mid-night insomnia. I fall to sleep almost instantly at night, but constantly find myself away at 3…nothings worse than tossing and turning…then eventually giving up to the realization you’re awake and might as well get up 🙁

  3. Tom, I too have the same sleep problem! Gorgeous photos. Here is a thought, what about in the wee hours of the a.m. begin writing a book? Anything – memoirs, fiction, humor, I would read anything you write! Your written word is such a delight to read.

  4. There are a couple of things for insomnia.
    1. a cup of warm milk. Sounds gross but works really well at 1 am. no cookies or chocolate – just milk.
    2. a hot shower before bed. does something to the serotonin levels – helps get you past the 1 am wake up call of the mind.
    3. drugs. advil pm – at first you’ll have a drug hangover in the morning, but if you have aches and pains that wake you up, this helps.
    4. limit fluids before bedtime – this may be waking you up for a pit stop in the middle of the night. or the reverse, more fluids if you wake up dehydrated.
    e. all of the above.

  5. I can, indeed, sympathize. Met with a “sleep doctor” yesterday (the pulmonologist who runs the sleep clinic). I’m suppose to actually “sleep” in a strange place all wired, etc. to check for sleep apnea? We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, I actually do the hot milk…however, I must “doctor” it just a bit…a bit of nutmeg and a small packet of Splenda and I have the sleep challenged’s eggnog (minus the egg of course). I enjoyed your post and I hope you get some much needed sleep.

  6. Thanks Diane, a flavorful, helpful tip!

    Miffy, your smile can be seen, your laughter heard, well wishes my friend.

    Chris, I suspect the beagles even want an early walk, something Boz and Gracie are not amenable to until later in the day and after several more naps.

  7. Wow, misery loves company and it looks like we all have a lot of it. I call it “full moon itis”; however, it’s now no moon itis. Love the pics and the written word, as usual. By the way, have you tried your Mom’s “cold cure”?

  8. Don’t you hate it when things like these happen? I do. Wake up in the middle of the night, I start blaming it to the late coffee drink, to father time taking a toll in my body saying in am getting old and becoming my mother, to the many worries of having a teenager to send to college in a couple of years, excuses are many, you name it.

    No remedy works, what do I do. watch TV in the middle of the night or call my sister with a 6 hour difference time zone.

    Tomorrow will be a better day.

    I hope you insomnia doesn’t come back anytime. soon

  9. greetings fellow insomniac! How i enjoy your ramblings – you so well express my own days . . . and nights. i don’t feel so quite alone – in the wee hours i will just consider that you are wandering too

  10. I could never sleep with bulldog snores. No wonder! I use earplugs to tolerate Clarence (then the only thing that wakes me is his flatulence, but that’s a whole other, less delightful story.) Your pics are stunning. The blue color of the sky seems preternatural. Rest well.


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