Bulb Auger: Easy Way to Plant Bulbs{19}

Orienpet Lily “Satisfaction” is aptly named, so beautiful and easy to grow, especially when enlisting a bulb auger.

If my garden were a banquet table, I would concede that sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. I dine and garden with my eyes and with little respect to time, space, quantity and boundaries. And as a friend recently pointed out that we humans do have a certain life expectancy, perhaps it’s time for me to rewrite and retool my chore-list to include some time and labor-saving devices. That said, I am a HUGE fan of the bulb auger, a super handy specialized bit of sorts that fits handily on the end of a cordless drill and makes quick work of creating the most perfect earthen hole and home for the naked flower bulb. It also works very well with plant starts and seedlings.

VIDEO: Easy Way to Plant a Lot Bulbs with an Auger

Here’s the my step-by-step bulb planting guide in video above and photos, below.

Exhibit 1: The Flower Bulb

big lily bulb

One happy healthy lily bulb ready to be tucked into a spring bed to prepare for its summer bloom.

Exhibit 2: The Bulb Auger and Drill

bulb auger drill and bulbs

The corkscrew planting auger is about two-feet long and three inches wide.


A close-up of some lily bulbs ready to be planted.

digging holes lily bulbs

Four holes drilled in no time, and lily bulbs planted lickety-split.

I look for spaces in the garden free of spring blooming bulbs. In the above photo, I “drill” between the snowbells and bluebells to a depth of about 10 inches. Then, I return four inches of soil to the hole, place the bulb in the hole tip up so it’s six inches deep and return the rest of the soil, patting down firmly. As a general rule, I plant bulbs three times the depth of the bulb’s width. So if the bulb is two inches wide, I plant it six inches deep. I used to add bone meal fertilizer to the hole, but despite what is written, bulldogs have exceptional noses and can smell a bacon bit at 200 paces. Digging for bonemeal is not an activity I wish to encourage.
lily bulb auger

Your efforts will be well-rewarded for years to come. Happy planting!