How to Make a Berry Picking Bucket{12}

DIY Berry Picking Bucket Video

A bountiful morning when you have the right tools.

Berry (and cherry) picking is serious business; you pick a few, eat a few, then try to get them in the berry picking bucket or basket without spilling your handful from a high altitude. And then there’s the bending down to fill the bucket part. (Bad backs need not apply.) There’s got to be a better way!

Tulameen raspberries berry picking bucket

Those berries aren’t going to pick themselves…

The Tall Clover Farm prototype during its testing phase: lightweight and no rope burns and holds about two pounds.

I took my design inspiration for a better berry picking bucket from the clever folks at Bybee-Nims Farms at the base of Mt. Si near North Bend, WA. Their berry bucket: a clothesline cut to four feet, ends threaded through two opposite holes in an open coffee can and then knotted, basically a bucket pendant necklace, that bounces about my belly when I walk. The blueberries went a flyin’!

The prototype: cheap, comfortable and with several applications.

I adapted the idea, using a light weight plastic storage container and a tennis shoe string. My extensive testing proves the design reliable and my capacity to eat fresh berries without match.  It’s especially handy when you’re on a ladder. But why limit it to a berry/cherry picking bucket. Here are some other options for your consideration:

  • a cereal bowl for your morning commute or late night snacking
  • a place to store your reading glasses
  • a new-fangled air sickness bag (don’t forget lid)
  •  a popcorn holder for movie night

Ah the list goes on, but for now I have a date with some overripe raspberries.

Ladies, gentlemen, don your buckets!

berry picking bucket with blackberries

I also tried using a foam-covered wire used for tying plants up, but it only lasts for one season, and gets brittle. I prefer a tennis shoe string.