Early Deep Freeze: More Photos, Fewer Words{20}

icicle fountain vashon island

Frozen fountain: I can relate.

I’m a wee bit stuck these days; distractions are aplenty, and focus is just a setting on my camera.  So I will dispense with words and riveting insights (hey, no clapping) and share some pics from the last week or two. Hopefully my writer’s block will thaw out with this week’s warming trend.

monoprint iris Deborah Taylor

Gracing my wall: I love this intaglio print now brightening up a small space. Quartermaster Press artist Deborah Taylor will showcase her most recent work during the upcoming Vashon Island Art Studio Tour.


boz the bulldog on cloud 9

Boz’s Hierarchy of Needs: 1.) Food,  2.) Comfort, 3.) Affection, 4.) Neck Rubs, and 5.) Car Rides. Here he recreates Cloud 9 (much to my chagrin).


Annas hummingbird

Annas hummingbird at the fountain: a bright spot in the day.


Christmas tree and Bulldogs

Boz and Gracie keep an eye out for would-be Christmas tree thieves, especially any named Charlie Brown.


Christmas cactus

I discovered that my Christmas cactus is really a Thanksgiving cactus.


smoked turkeys

One week later and I’m still eating turkey. You’ve got your turkey enchiladas, turkey salad, turkey soup, turkey tetrazzini, turkey ruebens, turkey wraps, turkey…


fluted pie dough pie pan

Note to self: next Thanksgiving more pies and fewer turkeys.