Quince Marmalade Recipe


    Quince Marmalade Recipe

    Meal type Condiment
    A great recipe that lends itself to adding herbs or spices for a greater depth of flavor. Sometimes I add rosemary or thyme sprigs, and other times, I'll add some whole spices like allspice, cinnamon stick and clove, which I later remove before jarring up.


    • 5lb Quince
    • 5 cups Sugar
    • 2 lemons or limes (juiced)


    Quince Marmalade is a fine autumn treat, well worth making. If you've never made jam or jelly before, this is a great recipe to try, as it is quite foolproof, and easier to make than most preserve recipes that require setting the fruit to a jellied stage.


    Jam Base
    Step 1
    Wash and chunky chop 3 pounds of quince, no need remove cores or seeds.
    Jam Base
    Step 2
    Put chopped quince in a stock or soup pot. Add enough water to come up to the top of the chopped quince.
    Step 3
    Simmer until quince is soft, about 30 minutes. Remove from heat and strain liquid, discard quince pulp (compost or feed to the chickens)
    Step 4
    Pour strained liquid into a preserving pan or stockpot, and add sugar. Simmer on low heat to dissolve sugar.
    Marmalade Step
    Step 5
    With remaining 2 pounds of quince, remove cores (as you would an apple) and grate with medium grater, skin and all.
    Marmalade Step
    Step 6
    Added grated quince to stockpot of sugared quince liquid, continue to simmer. Add lemon or lime juice, stir regularly to prevent scorching
    Step 7
    Simmer until marmalade thickens and changes color from apple white to a glossy rose blush .
    Step 8
    When you think the marmalade is thick enough, shut off the heat and let it sit. When cooled, check to see if it is a thick marmalade consistency. If yes, then just reheat and simmer to soften the marmalade, and then jar up (1/2-inch head-space) for a 10-minute water bath.
    Step 9
    If you found the marmalade too runny, just reheat to thicken and then jar up. Quince is a pectin bomb and will solidify more readily than most fruits.