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Favorite Pie Recipes: The Life of Pie

Favorite Pie Recipes: The Life of Pie
Tom's Homemade Pie "Quilt"

Favorite pie recipes near and dear to my heart …and tastebuds

Pie Collage blog for favorite pie recipes

I know, I know; it’s national Pi day, not Pie day.  And while I feign to understand the mystery of 3.14159265359 and its importance to the world in which we live, I have no trouble understanding the importance of P-I-E to the world in which I live.  Pie is simply my favorite dessert, especially when crowned with a dollop of ice cream (where applicable).

Tom's Homemade Pie "Quilt"
Tom’s Homemade Pie “Quilt”

So in honor of the Pi most of us don’t understand, I will offer up a tribute to the pie we do understand: my favorite crust filled recipes–both pie and pie-like.  Oh and my apologies for posting two days after Pi day, but warm, dry weather waits for no one in the Pacific Northwest so I was outside working in the orchard and on my latest project, a high tunnel hoophouse.

Favorite Pie Recipes from the Tall Clover Farm Kitchen

Bon Apetit, pie-lovin’ friends! I hope one of my favorite pie recipes becomes one of yours. It’s all about trial and error, so keep up the good fight for crisp crust and thick filling and happiness by the slice.

Now back to my outdoor project: my new greenhouse. And since my greenhouse isn’t going to build itself, I’m headed out to the garden.  Here are a couple fine links to acquaint you with high tunnels and their function in extending the growing season. (I’ll post photos and laments of achy body parts and bad backs, later.)


  1. That’s a lovely selection , Tom. The mushroom pie may be on my radar this weekend as I’ve got some baby bellas that need to be used . Good luck today with the project and looking forward to pictures . Regards to Gracie and Boz , aka supermodels .

  2. My grandfather had a saying that he quite used often. “All pie is good pie – some are just better” Being Pennsylvania Dutch meant eating A LOT of pie. Yours look just scrumptious!!!

  3. Thank you Tom,
    Your pies are works of art, and very inspirational. Tomorrow I have a class, “Viva Italia Gelato”, taught by James Coleridge, of Bella Gelateria, here in Vancouver, B.C. (First place winner of the 2012 Florence Italy Gelato Festival), …. so I might just have to make some pie to go with my gelato!

    • Annie that sounds like a match made in heaven: Gelato and Pie! Let me know what flavor gelatos you make, and pie if that happens. You may be in a dairy daze of wonder for the next 24 hours.

  4. I am sitting here in Beirut `international Airport and the first lines of your post made me chuckle. Thanks Tom! `i needed the comic relief! your pies look fantastic, why not set up a small bakery and let the world enjoy them“?

    • Joumana, glad to add a few laughs to your day, in Beirut no less. Are you heading back to the States? It’s that time of year when I think I may have to make your mamouls; been wanting to try your recipe. As for a small bakery, that is food for thought, my wise and lovely friend. Merci. –tc

  5. I like your print feature for recipes, it works! (some sites are painful)
    Easy Apple Pie 5c. apples peeled and sliced in greased pie pan.sprinkle 1Tbs sugar, 1/2 tsp cinnamon over. Melt 1 and 1/2 cups butter stir in 1c. flour, 1c. sugar and 1 egg. spread over apples. bake 50-60 min. at 350 degrees

  6. Thanks to you my dear friend, pi(e) day is now my favorite 😍 Your teaching me how to make your peach pie…priceless! 🍑 🥧
    Love you!


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