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Letting the Art of Nature Drift By

Letting the Art of Nature Drift By

floating leaf in a stream One leaf, one stream, some sun, seaweed and a whole lot of pretty.

Nature can surely frame a pretty picture, and last Sunday, friends and I discovered the subtle beauty of one place where each step afforded a new work of art: Fern Cove and lower Shinglemill Creek. This chartreuse leaf caught the eye and imagination of my friend Mary Ann and lead me into the cold creek to catch a closer look and try to capture its artful pose. Nature cooperated handsomely.

Shinglemill Creek at Fern Cove

Fern Cove, Vashon Island (low tide)

The Vashon Park District just completed the restoration of the Belle Baldwin House , which guests can rent weekly. The 1912 house is located on the beach above, about 40 feet to the right of the driftwood.


  1. Love this pic! Tom, can you by chance send to me digitally or snail mail? I’d love a matted pic for the homestead. My favorite color green!!!

  2. As I said to someone close to me yesterday, “I need to be near water.” She, of course, took that too literally and went down the real estate path, but I was like “No, no! Just be. Near water.”

    Not everyone gets it.


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