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A Taste for Turkey and Dog-Show Justice

Vindication can take a lot out of you.

Yesterday was a big day for Boz and Gracie. Sure they had dollops of dressing and gravy chasers to indulge in, but their T-Day treats were spiced with a little something extra: triumph.  Last Thanksgiving Day, they were inconsolable when the National Dog Show judges slighted their breed,the bulldog, choosing the Lhaso Apso as best breed of the non-sporting group.  But yesterday, the bulldog  Razzle Dazzle took back the title for his beefy brethren. So as you can see in the photo above, Boz and Gracie are each as smug as a bug in a rug, sleeping off the treats and the even sweeter taste of victory.

Last year’s day after: Bulldogs Bothered and Bewildered, Dust Mop Takes Non-Sporting Group



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