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Painting My House in the Hues of Summer

Painting My House in the Hues of Summer

Painting my house in the colors of summer

bulldog in front of farmhouse - painting my houseBefore: Peach Palette for the Peach Palace; Boz remains neutral.

My house has enjoyed a bit of local notoriety as the Peach Palace, a generous and friendly moniker befitting her pale ripe paint job and historic presence.  But decades of moody Pacific Northwest winds, rains, and bouts of sun have faded a confident color into the paint chip of a well-mannered wallflower. While I have embraced each fading as a mark of time well-spent and genuinely-loved in this fine home, I also knew that it was time to change her dated party dress.

painting my house some uplifting summer colorsAfter (and current state):  Summer colors trim the back entry, and Boz still remains neutral.

When my friend (and painter extraordinaire) Jon, asked me how I came up with the color combo, I rattled off, “I have no idea; it just came to me.” A day later Mother Nature slipped me a few hints and graciously let me recant my initial pronouncement. As you can see in the following photos I had nothing to do with it. The hues of late summer demand one’s attention, and are all too eager to share the stage year round. And so on my home, they will, celebrating the beauty of living in full flush and cheer.

bright colored nastursiumsNasturtiums: carnival of color all summer long.

picture perfect peachesLate peaches: sweetness cloaked in swatches of September.

one hot colored zinniaUnapologetic showstoppers: Zinnias are the Ethel Merman’s of the garden.

red gold and orange tomatoes - the colors for painting my houseTomatoes: red and orange eye candy, delicious on all levels

red and yellow dahliaDinner-plate dahlia: spin art on a stem.

In a climate graced with an abundance of gradations of gray, I welcome the one-two punch of sun-drenched color. Now my house is smiling no matter what the weather.

bulldog and bright paintBoz gives final approval to the color samples, though he is quick to point out that the colors won’t work on the stoop.

house paintersTom and Jon, steadiest brushes in the west…masking tape, masking tape? We don’t need no stinkin’ masking tape. Ah, indeed, painting my house in the hues of summer!


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