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Boz and the Apples of His Eye

Boz and the Apples of His Eye
This photographer's assistant is a little to tongues-on.
This photographer’s assistant is a little to0 tongues-on.

Boz is obsessed with apples. In his world and from his point of view, they fall from the sky, which is something you can’t say about a dog biscuit. Milk-bone handouts or kibbles found under the couch are not as forthcoming as the windfall of twenty apple trees, all of which are a short jaunt from any given door of this fine old house.  

So when I began snapping shots for an upcoming post about my favorite apples in the orchard, it came as no surprise that this furry little interloper took full advantage of a low shelf and focused photographer. The photo says it all. Oh, and for any would-be apple eaters at tall clover farm, I do wash the apples, even if Boz starts the job.

Boz and Gracie do the math; everyone gets an apple.
Boz and Gracie do the math; everyone gets an apple.


  1. that just tickles me…what a character. My son Will wants a bull dog and he plans to name him Pie Face. Boz could be Apple Pie Face.

  2. Brion, I can see Will is one insightful child–smart boy! Bulldogs are indeed characters so if Will needs any help lobbying Mom and Dad, just let me know.

  3. Delightful! What a character that Boz is… Great job capturing the moment!

    I mentioned you in my latest post… I was asking advice on composting chicken droppings and linked to your advice regarding the horsey version’s impact on a garden. Always love what you have to say.

    • Hi Nick, I like a combo of textures and flavors and make a chunky applesauce, so I use equal parts golden delicious, granny smith and Jonagold if I’m using farmstand or store bought apples. But now that I’ve got my own apples, I toss in what’s on hand and have never been disappointed. Anything termed a cooking apple is a good bet. Soft apples like Red Delicious are not a good choice, sauce comes out like mild flavored baby food.

    • Olie, it’s really odd, but that is a cameo apple. They are usually bright red, but mine ends up with a strong yellow streaking and blotches. A delicious apple, crispy and very sweet. Available commercially in most parts of the U.S.

      • Thank you Tom! Ohhhhh if only I could get the same color! I will go and get a cameo bareroot this winter, but man if it comes out bright red, – I will have to hunt on for this color… I wonder if they could be grafted on another apple tree..? in any way, your kingdom is gorgeous, Tom!


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