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Dogouflage: The Art of Canine Camouflage, Concealment

Dogouflage: The Art of Canine Camouflage, Concealment

Bulldog Camouflage at Work
Boz and Gracie blending into their surroundings
Prompted by the day’s drizzle and cool temps, Boz and Gracie practice the art of indoor dogouflage (canine camouflage), becoming one with the sofa, pillows and throws, willingly changing fur tone and posture to blend indistinguishably from their comfy throne. If not for the snoring, I’d have thought they disappeared. Talented dogs, indeed.


  1. Soo cute!! My family has some bulldogs, so squishy.
    Side note, hi Tom! i’m a new reader to your blog and have literally laughed out loud at some of your writing! Like especially when the kiwi vine swallowed you up!
    Look forward to reading more

  2. Thanks for the visit and kinds words, welcome! Look forward to providing a few more chuckles in the weeks to come, I have a recent incident in mind. And here’s to your bulldogs, too!

  3. hahaha! I like how to really fool you they are lying on opposite throws… Gracie looks like she’s deep in slumber. Just look at those tounges!!!
    @ Margaret – I have a lil’ [50lbs little…] bully girl who likes to curl up in my IKEA Poang chair! I think dogs like IKEA furniture.

  4. Just found your blog and absolutely love it. Your sense of humor and obvious love for your island and your home is infectious (in a good way). I recently moved to the Portland area and just built a trellis and planted kiwi next to my house. I am eagerly awaiting the day it consumes the deck.

  5. Gloria, thanks for the props, and speaking of props, hope your deck is strong. 😉 Kiwis want to rule the world, which really isn’t such a bad thing. Welcome to the Pacific NW, and welcome to one of its most delightful cities, Portland.

  6. re your reply to Gloria… you mean us Kiwis DON’T rule the world?????????????????
    Good Grief!!!!
    And, you’re right… it wouldn’t be a bad thing if we did… lol!
    Doggies look so comfy XXXOOO (one each)

  7. Is that Boz with the one eye open heard saying “aawww, Tom! Not the flash…I was asleep!” Good of them to let you have the other end of the sofa! 😉

  8. I commend your decorating choices. That you found a sofa color to go with the pups is an accomplishment. I am still looking for something to go with 2 black Great Danes. Any ideas?

    • Susan, two black Great Danes, you don’t say. May I suggest two tufted chaise lounges facing each other, in black leather or charcoal moleskin. (Easy to vacuum.)


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