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Boz the Bulldog Versus Frosty the Snowman

Boz the Bulldog Versus Frosty the Snowman

Yesterday Vashon received a primer of snow, and my buddy Jon took advantage of its fine packing ability (and my inability to locate our fencing tools) to build an impromptu snowman. My bulldog Boz  busted through the dog door to inspect the snowman trespasser. Let’s just say his reception was chilly.

The forecast calls for more snow, serious snow, so Boz will definitely be on the lookout for icy interlopers. As for Gracie, she tends to monitor the wood stove for log restocking.


  1. Now if it were a snowy bulldog I can say with certainty who would win the battle. I can see Boz now with icicle fangs/droolcicles (stalagmited drool). And if it gets any colder Boz could be in danger of pcicles, and freezing his low hanging fruit.

  2. Hysterical. Isn’t it funny what dogs decide is worth attacking?? My mom had a dog who was obsessed with animals on TV… even cartoon animals. The dog was practically deaf, but would wake from a dead sleep to bark insanely at Stuart Little on the TV screen. Stuart Little!

  3. Tom – that is too funny! We got hit with the same blast of snow – 14 inches! Our dog likes to try swimming in the snow, being the lab that she is – looks hilarious!

  4. Hehehehe! Oh Boz… you silly silly bullie.
    Now to train him to do the same thing to alien deer..?
    [what was Gracie doing amongst all this hysteria?! Just sitting inside in the warmth? Heehee!]

  5. How fun it that! We had a snow day off from school in Tacoma and Tess Dog was begging for a walk in the snow. We had a great time but were happy to come home to our warm and cozy home.

    I work at Baker Middle School in Tacoma and our mascot is the bulldog! We have moved into a beautiful new school and are having an open house on January 27th – I’m inviting you, Boz and Gracie! We need a real bulldog for our mascot – would Boz and/or Gracie be interested? I’ve tried to convince the administration to purchase a bulldog (who would live with us and Tess) as a “living mascot”, but so far they haven’t seemed to go for that idea!

  6. More snow photos! Boz is a wild dog! Love, love, love it – hope my power is still on and Elliot didn’t get buried in a snow drift.


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