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Jonny Awesome and His Truck of Christmas Trees

Jonny Awesome and His Truck of Christmas Trees

Jon can do anything, a pronouncement I believe wholeheartedly. During a recent house project requiring his help, Jon or Jonny Awesome as I liked to call him, became my home improvement superhero–able to add mixed fractions and board feet in a single bound, prizing perfection and a job well done above expediency and filling squares. So when he pulled up the drive with a parcel of Douglas fir in his pickup, I knew he had something up his skillful sleeve.

“What’s with the trees, Jon?”

“They’re your Christmas trees Tom.”

“Thanks Jon, but I only need one tree.”

“Uh no Tom, you really need all three.”

When he pulled the saplings out of the truck and leaned each against the tailgate, I could see his point. “Tom, we can tie these three wimpy trees together to make one good one.” (See, he’s a genius I told you.) Off I went to ferret through my junk drawer for twine. When I returned, Jon had  brought the tree trunks (a generous term) together, weaving  branches through to make one “awesome” Christmas tree. A couple wraps of garden twine secured their reinvention.

Three, three, three trees in one!

Once, twice, three times a tannenbaum.

Ready for a little ornamentation, wouldn’t you say?

Thank you Jonny Awesome for saving Christmas!


  1. Absolutely beautiful tree(s) Tom. Super idea! By the way, I really love the pumpkin on the chair in the pic’s fore ground. Who needs a whoopee cushion when you’ve one of those!

  2. I think you and Jon need to co-write a book.
    Some sort of, life-affirming self-help guide-to-everything handy-man & garden-cooking-ness!
    Because that’s impressively clever. McGuyver clever!

  3. Hi Deborah, if it’s any consolation, the trees were thinned off the property to allow the other trees around them more light and less competition. It creates a beautiful understory and healthier forest.


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