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Look Who Turned 102…Happy Birthday Granny!



Granny’s Birthday Throne 

 Our Queen for the day, make that everyday

The day was as sunny as our birthday girl. 

 If I told you Le Ida was twice my age at 102, I’d venture to guess you’d wager heavily against my shared truth. While my dear friend does not look a day over eighty, it’s my presence in the mathematical equation that becomes easy fodder for quick reproach.  “So if she’s twice your age, wouldn’t that make her 122?”  (There’s one in every crowd.)

Last Sunday, we gathered at my house to cheer Le Ida’s big 1-0-2. I fashioned a crown, throne and scepter as we planned to royally celebrate. Ever the good sport, she posed for photos in her regal togs. I said, “You look smashing.” She offered her own list of adjectives.

Tom as Grill Master…cough, hack , cough

Tom as Grill Master…imparting a smokey aftertaste…cough…hack

And how lucky for me that her favorite people are my favorite people–all with cooking skills that can transform a simple potluck supper into an epicurean overload. We laughed and dined under the trees, and embraced a woman who embraces life. What is Granny’s secret?  If gifts were any indication, one would assume tequila and chocolate. For me, I think it’s her plucky nature and keen sense of humor, for loving to fish when the halibut weigh more than she does, for growing the best tomatoes and raspberries around, for sharing almost all of the ingredients to her enchilada and Beef Stroganoff recipes, for sitting across from people at a dinner table (whether on Vashon, in Seattle or Montana) who love her.  

secrets to a long life: tequila, chocolate, and red wine

Secrets to a long life: tequila, chocolate and red wine

Now that I think of it, the day was almost as sunny as our birthday girl.  Happy Birthday, Granny.

Boz the bulldog wishes to join the party

Boz was not very happy about his earlier seating assignment.


  1. What a fabulous celebration of life! I’m sure if one spoke with Granny about her vision of her days as a 102 year old lovely lady, it would not have involved sitting on Vashon at the table of a Grillmaster extrordinair who adored her! The warmth exudes through this here hardware!!! THANK YOU!


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