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Putting on the Dog in Coats of Tartan…


bulldogs in tartansAs if modeling for a Burberry ad, Boz and Gracie strike a pose.

My Mother is remarkably inventive and resourceful. I’d bet a week’s wages that she could make a ball gown out of burlap or a fishing pole from a flyswatter. When I told her Boz and Gracie were frozen sausages during a recent and lengthy power outage, I could hear the wheels turning. In addition to being our family’s in-house MacGyver, my mother is also a devoted animal lover– dogs in particular, Boz and Gracie very specifically.

Boz in plaid

Boz, always a sartorial slave to Saville Row, prefers a roll collar.

So yesterday when a parcel post addressed to Boz and Gracie graced my Northwest mailbox, I had a suspicion that the contents would not only warm my dogs, but also my heart. After making her own patterns, my Mom sewed up some canine couture worth barking about, tartan capes fit for a regal breed.

Gracie in a sweater

Gracie, at home on the couch or in the field, appreciates the flexibility of fleece.

My old farmhouse is a about as energy efficient as a gazebo with a space heater, so I keep the thermostat on 60 degrees and wear a sweater. Now thanks to Mom, all residents at Tall Clover are both warm and bespoke.

dogs in sweaters

“Yeah the sweaters are nice, but are you telling me there were no dog treats in that box?”


  1. Could your mom make a sweater like that for John Snyder? He would look stunning in one. Like your Charlie Brown tree!!! I heard you like my new word. Have a happy New Year. Asa

  2. Asa, I fear Boz and Gracie are not keen on the idea of showing up somewhere and being upstaged by a dashing tall man clad in the same plaid cape. Now they’d be willing to compromise if Mr. Snyder were willing to wear a matching plaid beret and mittens to level the playing field.

  3. Sweater those dogs today..looks like you’re in for another round of nastiness.
    Bring them down to Southern California for a visit when you can’t stand it anymore, the Corgi’s would love to play host

  4. Your blog is cool and so are your doggies 🙂 What a great opportunity being able to move to the country! I got to your page from a comment you posted on taste of Beirut. Our home in SF is also kept on the cool side at all times. We have a bully we call Clarence. He loves the cold weather and won’t allow anything wrapped around his body. I wish he did because these sweaters look amazing. Has your mom opened up dog’s clothes biz yet?
    Cheers 😉


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