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  1. The house is circa 1888, though I recently discovered newspaper covering the walls beneath the beadboard, which suggests the addition was built in 1892 (based on publishing dates).

  2. Hi, Tom!

    A fellow cyber friend (ChristyinTexas) recommended your blog to me…and I’m glad I came. I will be back when time allows me to sit with a cup of hot tea and read to my hearts content. I once spent a day on Vashon Island many years ago…fond memories. That story is here: http://mysouthernheart.blogspot.com/2008/12/summer-in-seattleconclusion.html

    We live in Oregon on a tree farm in the Callahans…three hours south of Portland…one hour east of the Pacific.


  3. Will you ever take us on a photographic tour of your home? I’d love to see it all! The fireplace is beautiful…
    Seeing Boz & Gracie, I have to tell you what Pipi’s been up to. A friend from Germany was visiting this past week. He brought stollen and also had foil-wrapped chocolate, and did not know our “no food on the floor” rule. Pipi had quite a feast after entering his bedroom and devouring all of the treats he had just unpacked.

  4. Eileen, well Pipi is French, he knows quality when he sees and tastes it. As for the home tour, this 120 year old house is a love affair of repair and remodel projects. I will clean up a corner or two and share some photos soon.

  5. Hi Tom,

    Your writing is so good that I feel like am in the room with you when I read your blog posts.

    Thanks for making us all feel a little happier with your wonderful stories and anecdotes…


  6. I agree with Randy! As I said, Tom, discovering your blog was a highlight of the summer. Wow–you have people requesting note cards, calendars, recipes, pictures of your home. . . .

  7. I love Boz and Gracie, they’re so expressive. With Boz as your ‘corn dog’, I thought you were maybe going to describe Gracie as your favorite ‘chilly/chili dog’ as she warmed herself by the fire 😉 Too cute!


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