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Tulips: A Worthy Form of Currency

Tulips: A Worthy Form of Currency

fresh cut tulips from Washington State

Tulips at the market: my favorite harbinger of spring

I think the Dutch had it right in the seventeeth century; why not base your economy on the beauty of the tulip? It’s a most worthy form of currency. And no offense to other spring bloomers, but that’s a feat neither a daffodil nor a hyacinth could pull off.

Yesterday, I was at the Puyallup (pronounced pew-al-up) Farmers Market (“off-island” as we like to call it) and the locally grown tulips stole the show.

While the sprouting broccoli, cauliflower, and mixed greens looked delicious, healthy eating has a hard sell when a bouquet of long-stemmed tulips can stop you dead in your tracks. Price them to sell at $10 a dozen, and your stomach will forgive you when raisin bran is on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  But as I like to say, “What feeds the heart, feeds the soul.”

two bulldogs and tulips

2 bulldogs and tu-lips: Boz & Gracie channel their inner Vermeer

French and parrot tulips in a glass vase

One week later and they are just as dreamy (though it helps if you keep your house as cold as a meat locker).


  1. Not only are you an incredible writer, flower arranger, photographer, gardener, handy man, cook, plumber, etc., I could go on but it’s public knowledge. Anyways, you also made me laugh out loud with this one.
    Sure wish you were my neighbor….

  2. Sure, the flowers are lovely and what could be more elegant and graceful than a bulldog–that’s right, the answer’s TWO bulldogs–but forget them: THE WALLS LOOK FABULOUS!!

  3. Hi, I found your site through 101cookbooks, and I really enjoy reading it! Great writing, adorable dogs, and topics I’m interested in~ The only thing is that I can seem to find a subscribe button! I know you have rss, but I like getting emails with updates best~ Any way you can add such a feature to your site??
    ~Balcony gardener and student in Boston


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