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Boz and Gracie Are Real Cards, Alright


Boz and Gracie Bulldogs Bullish on Biscuits

Bullish on Biscuits: Boz and Gracie grace a card from Great Dog Greetings

What’s not to love about a Bulldog mug? It’s hard to believe so much cuteness can be packed into one canine and it still has room for wrinkles. For those who comment, “It’s a face only a mother could love.” Boz and Gracie recognize such remarks are keen barometers of whom one should or should not waste a wet and well-placed canine kiss on. They’d certainly have one for Rondi Lightmark , a friend and photographer who appreciates their inner and outer bulldog beauty. She just dropped off a sample of her latest photo brilliance: Bullish on Biscuits, a greeting card prominently featuring Boz and Gracie in my beater truck, seemingly ready for their next adventure, or biscuit, or close-up as the case may be.

boz checks out his new greeting card

Boz is not so sure that’s his best side; Gracie has yet to weigh in.


  1. Tom, this is such a beautiful pictures. Please send a link to the photographer so I can purchase some cards…too effin cute!

  2. Always good to know that there are other human owners out there that will share the house! Awesome site-not so easy to type with Boscoe sitting on my lap, paws on keyboard and Lola at my feet. Boz & Gracie come in soon for “pets”.


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