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An Urgent Message From My Lawn Chairs


metal motel chairs that have seen better days What friends won’t tell you, tensile strength and gravity will.

When the universe speaks, it’s good to listen. Should you ignore the headsup, you may find yourself bottoms up, doused in your favorite beverage. (Truth be told, I managed to keep my sweet tea upright both times.) I could say these motel chairs are old and the metal weak, but denial is a quick road to pretzel-shaped lawn furniture.  (Notice there are two chairs, that tells you something right there.) Sure, I could choose to loose a little weight, I just didn’t think a motel chair would be the messenger.

Guess I better go check the hammock hooks…and health of the trees.bulldogs in a hammock


  1. We have a few chairs that we could add to that collection… Including one that broke on me while 9 months pregnant and stuffing stockings!

  2. Ha,ha,ha – you just wanted your chairs to match! Tom, they’re perfect chairs for star gazing and/or watching the fireworks on 4th of July.

  3. Sarah, maybe we should retire them by the exercise bikes in Portage.

    June, good ideas, though I would require any witnesses to avert their I when I attempt to exit the chair.

    Debbie, I may just try that, thanks!

  4. Beautiful lilies and daylilies behind the resting chairs.
    A friend sent me the link here because i have a peach tree loaded with peaches. Your method of ripening will allow my daughter to make peach cobbler this weekend on her 1 day home from college! Thank you so much. Enjoy all your kind words and advice.


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