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  1. Ha! It’s funny that you should post this because in less than a couple of weeks I will look at my husband in mock horror and say, “Do you know that Christmas is only 7 months away??? We need to get started on our holiday shopping!” Corny behavior, yes, but it always amazes me that winter season holidays come and go in the blink of an eye…and then you start all over again. I don’t get the same feeling with national holidays, but then the blood, sweat and tears that go into them aren’t anywhere near to the madness that is December.

  2. You know…the last few years, the hammock hasn’t made it up around here. Maybe our problem is that we haven’t done Christmas lights either. The trouble with four acres and an 1890s house threatening revolt at all times is that we never find the time for lolling in the hammock or gracing the place with Christmas lights. We must. As always, you inspire me, Tom!


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