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Missing the Boat, But Catching the Show

Missing the Boat, But Catching the Show

After a day off-island with friends, I had too many miles and too few minutes between me and the 8:00 pm ferry to Vashon.  As fate, traffic, and a few wrong turns would have it, I missed the boat.

West Seattle ferry dock at sunsetSetting my parking brake and expectations, I was all too aware that the next ferry was an hour and a half out. After a few minutes of sitting on the hood of my truck before a sky on fire and a sea slipping into sleep, I came to realize the obvious: I hadn’t missed the boat at all.

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  1. Hi Tom, I don’t know you, but I came across your blog while looking for advice on planting quince trees in the Seattle area. I ended up reading all your posts, they were fun! 🙂 You seem like a neat guy. Happy gardening!

  2. Really, why are we all in such a hurry? What a beautiful sunset. I never see anything like that living in the middle of St. Paul. Were Boz and Gracie o.k. with you running a little late?

  3. anon-thanks for the kind words
    And Eileen, Boz and Gracie let me have it when I got home, but that only lasted about oooooh, 10 seconds. Plus truth be told, I think that had lost track of time playing poker.

  4. Tom- you have such an eye for taking pictures but these are REALLY special. I’ve found my new screen saver!

    You certainly didn’t miss the boat- you caught a beautiful show.


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