Tom’s Tooth and Trying to Be a Big Boy{28}

Bob's Big Boy doll A perky plastic role model for me. (Photo, Iris Taboh)

I’m a man who tries to err on the side of optimism, but last week’s events took me on a detour to the less than sunny side of the street. And while I have no right to complain about anything, I did find something to grouse and whine about in the privacy of my own home and in the company of four furry sympathetic ears: a failed filling and cracked tooth.

Bulldogs Mitchell Gold ChairGracie, “No Tom, please tell us again how much your tooth hurts….oh that’s fascinating.”

Tooth nerve pain is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and this being my first time for such a dental misadventure, I hope it is my last. I tried to buck up and “be a big boy” as the saying goes, but it was a real struggle not to be a whiny baby, rocking myself to sleep in the fetal position and sobbing, “Why, why, why?”  Countless phones calls and four days later I finally got in to see the first available Endodontist in a two-state radius.

And since I’m a silver lining kind of guy, I won’t dwell on the details of my root canal and scheduled fix, though I suggest for your own good (physically and financially) you keep popcorn kernels, ice cubes and corn nuts out of your mouth  and treat your teeth like delicate eggshells.

Pizza Dough Boy making pizzaBig Boy as Dough Boy: Working through the pain, rolling pizza dough for La Biondo Wood Fired Pizza at the Vashon Farmers Market.

As my mouth begins to heal, so does my attitude. I may have been out of commission for most of the week, but a bad tooth can surely remind you of your good life, and the  friends and family who try to make you feel better, who call regularly (and suggest gargling with bourbon), who bring you homemade soup and fresh eggs, who sneak a pair of hand-knit socks  in your mailbox, who drive you to the dentist and who keep you from using farm equipment when your medication suggests it’s not such a good idea. Here’s to your happy teeth, dental health and a pain-free smile.greenhouse constructionAs for the greenhouse, a bad tooth and record rainfall kept me from finishing it last week, but a sunnier forecast on all counts should make its completion date a possibility in the days to come.

Mount Rainier from Maury IslandThe week before last we enjoyed a spectacularly brilliant Easter weekend. This view is from Maury Island, looking south across south Puget Sound and Tacoma to Mount Rainier on a rare clear day.visitor in the rainWait, I misspoke; I did experience sunshine a couple times last week as seen here when my friend and neighbor Phoebe checked in on “Tom’s tooth.”