Ava’s Happily Au Naturel Easter Eggs

Ava’s Happily Au Naturel Easter Eggs

chicken eggs of many colorsNature has no rival when it comes to color and freshness.

This week I discovered a little thank you gift on my back stoop rail: one dozen farm-fresh eggs. A gift I don’t take lightly (just colored lightly), farm-fresh eggs stand cockscombs above their grocery store counterparts. fresh raw eggsThe yolks are as sunny as any summer day, standing proud and dome-like in a pool of resting whites. frothy raw scrambled eggsA quick spin of a dinner fork transforms yolk and egg into a frothy broth of gold.scrambled eggs in a cast iron panScrambled, fried, poached or boiled, the incredible edible egg is even more incredible and more edible when you know the chicken’s name or at least where it nests. Here’s to farm-fresh eggs! Treat yourself to a dozen and you’ll never go back to store-bought.

happy apple eggs vashon Organic fed and pastured, no wonder Ava’s chickens (and eggs) are happy.  In case you’re wondering, she has about 80 chickens representing 14 breeds. Happy Easter, my friends.

IMG_3420As for my chickens (seen above), I lost them to some wily weasels or minks. I’m hesitant to restart the flock until I install gun turrets, land mines, and electric fences, and maybe even a crocodile-stocked moat for good measure.

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