Shining a Little Light on the New Year{40}

Hope for the New YearluminaryOne paper bag + a couple cups of sand + one lit candle = magic

My brain seems to have been on hiatus (and may still be). Every time I sat down to write a post in December, five minutes into it, I’d curl my lip,  scrunch my face, and say, “Really Tom, this is what you’re going to write about.” Then a tray of Christmas cookies would catch my attention and the day would be lost. Well, it’s 2013, the baked goods are gone, and I’m ready to dust off the cerebral cobwebs and try again. Bear with me, be kind (and don’t send cookies).

lighting up the New Year Shining some light on my front fence and the wonder of the holidays.

I liken the  new year to a freshly-pressed shirt: crisp, bright, and unmarred by noodle soup or a cheap house red. The stains and wrinkles will come soon enough in the form of missteps, foibles and failed resolutions, but my resolve will come not in the pronouncements made one fleeting moment on the heels of 2012, but in the actions and pursuits of 2013. I’ll keep it simple this year, and strive to honor the light in others, and nurture that which fuels the soul, the smile and the heart. For example…

Watering Dahlias I find light in the promise of summer and a garden crowded in color, bounty and beauty. (photo: Crystal Culp)

Boz the bulldog at the table

Boz finds his light in a seat at the table (whether for supper or a quick game of poker).

lighting the way homeMy friends Karen and Ginelle share their light in surprising this friend with an impromptu trail of luminaries marking the way home.

Gracie at the table

Gracie’s at her brightest when helping me edit text and brainstorm blog ideas.

jon in the window My buddy Jon lights up when precise carpentry skills and a job well done are required (and when my stupid questions come to an end).

Tom Mom and the bulldogsMy mom beams brightest when helping others (and quite often when spoiling her son) .

Christmas-farmhouse and Happy New YearLight is a powerful thing; the smallest bulbs can often have the greatest impact. Everyone is different; what makes you shine brightly?